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Auteur :  docbrown01 [ lundi 22 août 2011, 15:38 ]
Sujet du message :  PR 0.97

Pour ceux qui ne seraient pas au courant, le patch 0.96->0.97 est disponible:
DDL ou torrent

Pour ce qui est du change log (je traduits les quelques points importants pour les non anglophones)
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Project Reality: BF2 v0.97 Features


Fixed UAV crash on 1km maps


Updated German Deployable AT to use MILAN instead

Menu / Interface / Installer

Fixed installer getting stuck on PB update
Fixed auto deploy
Fixed several issues with the server browser
Fixed missing text in the main menu


Updated ingame chat font for some characters to increase readability


Decreased rearm time of rallypoints in Skirmish to 1min
Decreased time for informants to get to a marked position to 3 minutes and the delay for the intel to reach the commander to 15 seconds
Fixed squad rallypoint issue where it wouldn't get ready after 5 minutes of spawning on mapper rally points
Fixed not being able to request kits at paradrop crates


Decreased 70mm unguided rocket explosion damage vs caches by a significant amount
Decreased ATGM/TOW explosion damage vs caches by 75%
Decreased 5.56mm damage vs scout heli armor by 50%
Decreased 7.62mm damage vs scout heli armor by 25%


Added field dressings to civilians
Increased number of field dressings for all factions medics to 12
Increased efficiency of medic resuscitate
Fixed floating drop bag issues


Fixed several vehicles sound issues
Fixed lots of weapon sounds
Removed all rotation sounds from CROWS/RWS systems


Updated VN-3 machine gun to use the QJG91 instead
Fixed gunner desynchronisation issues on Warrior and Bradley
Fixed MTLB series water issues
Fixed steering issues on some APCs
Fixed SU-30 bombs hitting the aircraft upon release
Fixed UH-1N Huey exit points
Fixed CROWS/RWS systems usage delays
Fixed CROWS/RWS systems zoom issue when reloading smoke launchers
Fixed camera issues on some vehicles


Reverted unguided AT weapon muzzle velocities back to pre 0.96 settings
Increased ZiS3 magnification to 3.7x and added unzoomed view
Decreased laser-guided bomb explosion vehicle damage radius from 85m to 35m
Decreased RPG-7 damage to APCs


Updated various maps map overviews to fix errors and display new updates
Updated various maps control point names to fix errors
Updated various maps mortar shield positions and sizes to be more effective
Updated Beirut skirmish with an extra route
Updated Dragonfly overgrowth settings in an effort to increase FPS
Updated Gaza Beach with new AASv4 routes and balance
Updated Shijia Valley to improve memory usage to help with FPS and server performance issues
Updated Shijia Valley with improved AASv4
Updated Shijia Valley with thinner fog to allow better use of the UAV
Fixed various maps ACV positions to address inability to enter/exit
Fixed Burning Sands balance issues to address the horde of Challenger 2s
Fixed Burning Sands various bugs and exploits
Fixed Fallujah West several floating caches
Fixed Gaza Beach apartment building misalignment
Fixed Iron Eagle combat area to address inability to use deployables
Fixed Iron Eagle terrain to prevent kits and firebases disappearing
Fixed Iron Ridge AASv4, visible flags and ticket bleed issues
Fixed Kokan various exploits and lightmap issues
Fixed Lashkar valley skirmish flag capture time
Fixed Operation Barracuda US ticket bleed occuring even if the penultimate flag is neutral
Fixed Silent Eagle skirmish combat area
Fixed Shijia Valley lowdetailtexture.dds incompatability with ATI X1xxx series graphics cards and below
Removed Burning Sands AAS32 for the immediate future.
Removed Dragonfly Infantry layer ZiS3 cannons
Removed Korengal AAS game mode for the immediate future
Removed Silent Eagle sunflare
-Bug des rallypoints indisponibles en début de partie: réparé.
-Réduction des dégâts des HAT et TOW sur les caches d'armes.
-Ajout de field dressings aux civils
-Augmentation la quantité de fields dressings des médics (5?6? -> 12)
-Les kits ne flottent plus en l'air
-Warrior et bradley tirent à l'endroit visé
-Les MTLB sont amphibie
-Les APC tournent normalement (Striker...)
-Les LAT se comportent comme avant la 0.96 (moins de drop pour le RPG?, roquettes + rapides?)
-Réduction des dégâts infligés par les RPG-7 sur les APC
-Et plein de fix sur les maps, avec l'ajout de l'AASv4, des rééquilibrage, correction de bug...

Voila pour le principal :)

A ce soir :roots:

Auteur :  Chiensoif [ lundi 22 août 2011, 17:45 ]
Sujet du message :  Re: PR 0.97

Alors, on peut espérer ne plus voir des caches détruites par les hélicos ; par contre, on peut se brosser avant d'espérer les avoir avec les mitrailleuses...
Les 12 fields pour les médics c'est un peu ridicule ; autant les laisser comme avant avec la possibilité de se soigner... bref, ça rime à rien en ce qui concerne ce kit...

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